March 19, 2022
Most cheapest car insurance for you

Most Cheapest Car Insurance Plans for You in 2022

Best cheap car insurance for 2022 - CNET

Most Cheapest Car Insurance Plans for You: Because of the excessive charges for young drivers and special scholar demands, locating car insurance plans for you or college students may be challenging. While there are numerous insurance dealers that can be consulted, we’ve compiled a listing of the most cheapest student car insurance agencies available to university students.


Most Cheapest Car Insurance Plans for You

1. American Family

Similar to other auto insurance companies enlisted here, the American Family offers a Student Discount for full-time students maintaining a B-average or ranking in the 80th percentile for their class. The Good Student discount can be as much as 25 percent.

2. State Farm

With State Farm, there’s a variety of ways to get discounts. First is their Steer Clear Safe Driver Program. This is an online course that you can take either at your computer or on a mobile app and receive 15 percent off your auto insurance premium once you’ve completed it Secondly, State farm offers what is known as Good Student Discount.


This insurance company offers discounts that some of the other major companies enlisted offers, such as a good grade discount, a safe driving discount, and even the resident student discount (scenario of Students who get to School more than 100 miles from home).

4. Amica Mutual

Although very unpopular amongst Insurance companies but has a very high recommendation. It is a smaller company which offers a good student discount, for those who live away from home to go to school, a discount for taking a new driver’s training class, and also a discount for students who take the defensive driver and accident, prevention class.

5. Farmers

Farmers are known to offer one of the best good student discounts. On average, good students save around 24 percent per year for obtaining good grades which can sometimes be a motivation for students to sit up and study hard.

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