The benefits of using the Facebook advertisement platform keep increasing as the day goes by.

For several reasons, you may want to create multiple Facebook Ad accounts on the same Ads Manager of yours. Some reasons could include securing a Facebook ads account, creating another ad account specifically for clients business management purposes, and more…

For example, I had to create another Ad account in my business manager Facebook account because I noticed spending more while clearing off ads bills. So I needed the PayU payment gateway enabled. This decision came after I got to realize Facebook mentioned that the “option is only available if you haven’t tried to set up a credit card in the past.” Whereas on my old ad account I have already ignored PayU to set up a credit card. Nevertheless, there are several reasons to create up to 10 multiple Facebook ad accounts on one Facebook ads Manager.

This page has covered the steps to get this done.

  1. Go to Business settings area –
  2. Then Click Accounts and click Ad Accounts.
    Or in a scenario were you have more than one business ad account, then select which business account you want to create Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts under
  3. Click on “Add” at the top of the page; there are THREE options to select from:
    – Add an ad account
    – Request access to an ad account
    – Create a new ad account – This is our option for the purpose of this page.
  4. Give your ad a name, select time zoon and currency. Then click on “Next”.
  5. Select who you’re creating the ad for; either for your business (self) or another business (clients). Then click on “Create”.
  6. Then add people and set permissions for those people you’re adding. Then click on “Assign”.
  7. Then Add Payment Information, by clicking on the button. Select/Add your preferred payment option. Complete the steps and submit
    Depending on your payment option, you might need to fund your Facebook ad account immediately. Complete the process to proceed.

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