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Confederation College Thunder Bay International Scholarships, CANADA, 2022/2023

Confederation College Thunder Bay International Scholarships, CANADA, 2022/2023: Confederation College encompasses approximately 550,000 square kilometers of land. As a result, it is the only public college serving northwestern Ontario.

Thunder Bay College is a publicly funded college in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada that offers applied arts and technology.

One of the College’s most comprehensive educational program and service offerings in the region, with over 60 full-time and part-time accredited and non-accredited post-secondary programs, specialized business and industry programs, pre-employment and vocational programs, apprenticeship programs, and cooperative/workplace training programs.

Confederation College enrolls approximately 3400 full-time post-secondary students, 370 interns, 550 mature education students, and 4205 part-time post-secondary students each year, as well as thousands of students enrolled in continuous learning programs. The student body is made up of a large number of native students as well as a growing international student community.

Confederation College Thunder Bay is a community of individuals who are culturally diverse and connected, and who strongly encourage and welcome difference. The College is committed to supporting its students, ensuring their comfort and their future as well as its own. Confederation College Thunder Bay offers many exciting activities that allow students to participate and meet new people on campus.

About The Scholarship:

The International Students Excellence Scholarship is now available for all International, Graduate and Undergraduate Students in all fields at the Confederation College Thunder Bay, Canada.

Successful participants will get $2,500 to cover all the charges to complete their chosen degree program at the Confederation College Thunder Bay.

Admission Requirements:

All candidates are required to be international students in order to pursue their studies at the Confederation College Thunder Bay.

It is required that each candidate have completed at least a grade 12 English course at the college or university level, as well as a minimal of 2 credits at the college/university preparatory program level and completed the requirements of the courses.

Application process:

Successful candidates are required to complete the Confederation College Thunder Bay application process through the CESO application portal. Selected participants will be considered automatically for the scholarship.

Supporting Documents:

Language Requirements:

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