University of Surrey and Techne Scholarships are qualified to apply for Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) studentships. Techne is a consortium of nine universities in London and the South East of England which offers a rich and diverse training program for doctoral students with a focus on interdisciplinarity and developing career potential both in and beyond higher education.

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Techne’s training program is promoted by input and placement opportunities provided by Techne’s fifteen partner organizations which include the Barbican, Natural History Museum, The National Archives, UNICEF and Science Museum in the cultural sector.

Techne offers a special model for collaborative research skills training for postgraduate research students across ten higher education institutions like University of Roehampton, Royal College of Art, Royal Holloway University of London, Brunel University, Kingston University, University of Brighton, University of the Arts London, Loughborough University, University of Surrey and the University of Westminster.

Techne’s aim is to produce students who are highly inspired and prepared for academic, public and professional life. Scholars will also benefit from a diversity of training opportunities and be able to draw on supervisory expertise from across the Consortium Scholarships are awarded by Techne to the best students produced by its member universities.

Worth of Scholarships At The University of Surrey and Techne

The University of Surrey and Techne Scholarships covers £2,000.

Eligibility for Scholarships At The University of Surrey and Techne

  • To be qualified, you must be a UK and international candidates. Note that EU students are now categorized as international students and the UKRI/AHRC competition is open to all international students who can apply for a full fees and stipend award.
  • The University of Surrey and Techne Studentships are open to students who have already started their doctoral study but must have at least 50% of the funded period of an AHRC award which is usually 18 months full time remaining at the time they start their scholarship.
  • Note that the Level of study/qualifications required is different depending on the chosen PhD Program.

How to Apply 

It is usually not possible to directly apply to Techne for a studentship. Applications for students who wish to be based at Surrey must be made through the University.

Follow this steps to submit an application for University of Surrey and Techne Studentships:

  • You must identify and speak to a potential supervisor. Note that within the School pages above you will find links to the staff lists so use the lists to identify a potential supervisor and contact them to discuss your project before applying.
  • You can then apply for a place on a Surrey postgraduate research program. So as soon as you have discussed your project with a prospective supervisor, you will need to make an application for a place on a postgraduate research program.
  • Prepare a University of Surrey and Techne Studentships. Your potential supervisor will inform you if you should make an application for a studentship. Please note that if you are selected to apply for a studentship, you will need to complete an application form through the Techne portal.

Application Deadline for University of Surrey and Techne Studentships for International Students

The application deadline for University of Surrey and Techne Studentships is January 22, 2022.

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